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March 28, 2021

On the 65-meter wall, which houses the highest mural in the region, the image of the girl is observed with attention or by chance from hundreds of windows, balconies and sidewalks. Ron hung his painting in the open air and gave reasons to look up and be surprised by a work that breaks with the monotony of the southern suburbs landscape.

With the design, the public space becomes the frame of a painting that brings the gestures of childhood to a magnificent scale. The neighbors are now inhabitants of some lands of Lilliput before the portrait of a giant, which there are already two, since a year ago, on another large facade, Ron painted a child, who visually dialogues on the urban scene with whom make up the new duo. Soon, there will be three. Meanwhile, the girl stands on the metallic balloon with which the protagonist of the other painting is playing.

  • Belgrano 1501, Banfield, Provincia de Buenos Aires, 1828, Argentina

Street view
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